Athletic Data Benchmarking

Edgertronic Cameras

From throwing to jumps to lifts, capturing the most rapid movements in slow-motion helps answer questions of performance. When you can see everything you do, you can reveal that 1%.

  • Designed for pitch and biomechanical analysis and more
  • Shoots 500 frames per second at highest resolution; up to 17,000+ frames per second
  • Custom built for baseball, it shapes our pitch design, release point work, practice or game film, or biomechanics breakdowns

Bull 3D Motion Capture System

Designed for real-time analysis of rotational, movement and balance capabilities, this technology was developed by Dr. Mark Bull specifically for golfers.

  • Integrated 3D motion capture, force plates and real-time club data formulate a 3D biomechanical assessment that enables us to help improve distance, and swing performance and reliability, while locating problematic areas that may relate to pain or injury
  • 3D putting exploration understands and improves how the putter moves in your stroke and how you interact with the putter alongside variability between holed and missed putts

Trackman Baseball

This industry-leading pitching and batted ball analytics device uses dual radar technology, and provides reliable, accurate and instant performance evaluation.

  • Used for player evaluation and development by all major and minor league teams in the U.S., the majority of teams in Japan and Korea, and top NCAA D1 programs
  • Captures the most comprehensive and accurate ball tracking data during the game or practice, redefining the language of baseball

Rapsodo Baseball

This pitching analytics device gives instant data and video feedback plus pitch tunneling analysis, which provides the tools players need to develop a complete pitch arsenal.

  • Utilize player development tools including detailed pitching reports, Driveline Edge Visualizations, Certified Assessments and more
  • Optimize your swing and accelerate improvement with Rapsodo Hitting
  • Gain insight from metrics on how each hit ball would perform in a game including exit velocity, launch angle, distance, spin rate and more
  • Leverage our baseball swing tracker to increase exit velocity, improve batted ball metrics and optimize your swing

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