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There are a few people who have helped me and supported me all the way since I was in 7th grade. Steven is one of those people, he pushed me every single day to reach heights that I honestly didn't think were possible. He absolutely transformed the way I move and my ability to stay healthy. It’s not always about how much somebody can throw on a bar, and Steven is somebody who understands that to the full extent. It’s safe to say I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Steven pushing me and training me. He is also a great person and is able to form a relationship and relate to just about anybody."

Jack Miller

University of Florida Football

Steven changed my volleyball career entirely. Steven is the most detail oriented and specialized trainer I have worked with throughout my entire volleyball career at the intermediate and collegiate level. He pays attention to not only how my body moves and feels when I’m in the gym, but also shows how I feel on a week to week basis. My relationship with Steven makes me excited to go into the gym and work to make myself better physically and mentally! When I train with Steven I feel like I’m becoming a better athlete, and if you wish to do the same I would seek out HELIX."

Claire Smith

Point Loma Women’s Basketball

During my time with Steven, I have truly been able to observe myself become a better athlete. The movements, lifts, and exercises I was given have helped strengthen not only my athletic performance but also injury prevention as well. My favorite aspect of working with Steven is the environment and the other athletes I get to work with. By working alongside other hungry athletes, an environment of focus and camaraderie is created which only ends up making me better."

Ethan Spry

GCU Men’s Basketball

Steve is more than a personal trainer and coach to me. He has become a trusted friend and older brother. Since working out with Steve, I have more confidence in my body because of Steve’s commitment to injury prevention, power and explosive work and strength training. Not only do I know I am stronger and faster, but my teammates and coaches have commented on my speed and strength as well. Steve has prepared me extremely well for my next chapter of playing Division 1 soccer and beyond."

Luke Lawrence

Professional Soccer Player

We chose Steven for our son’s athletic training five years ago because of Steve’s willingness to structure a training regimen to accommodate Luke’s sport of choice – soccer. Luke’s performance has dramatically increased over the years and he is noticeably faster and stronger, which has propelled Luke to play and compete at the highest levels of soccer. Steve’s influence goes beyond Luke’s performance on the field, as Steve has become a trusted mentor and friend, and someone Luke can turn to for advice and support. We are thankful for Steve’s expertise and his dedication to our son’s success!"

Steve and Jodi Lawrence


I have trained at many gyms and with many trainers throughout my athletic journey, and my experience with Steven has been unparalleled. Coach Steven has been one of, if not the best, trainers I have ever had and he has grown into more of a big brother than a trainer for me during our work together. When you join HELIX, not only are you getting the smartest and most well-planned training, but you join a bigger family that connects you to multiple athletes who strive for greatness. Coach Steven pushes you like no other through his unspoken drive and inspiration. He will always find a way to make you work harder and he makes being successful in your training his top priority. He is caring and compassionate and his communication with his athletes is unprecedented. I would not be where I am without Coach Steven, and joining the HELIX family has been one of the greatest decisions of my life. "

Tommy Christakos

Cal Football

Starting with HELIX and Coach Steven has been one of the best decisions my family and I have ever made for my athletic career. Coach Steven is way more than a personal trainer. He is a very intelligent trainer but also a mentor, nutritionist and friend. He creates a very good work environment, making extremely hard workouts somehow enjoyable. My personal favorite part about Coach Steven is his drive to be the best trainer in the world. He is constantly willing to learn and improve his craft. This has a direct correlation with the way he is able to correct the human body. His focus on base movements and patterns is the reason athletes continue to produce results. All in all, Steven is the best trainer for athletes from middle school all the way to professional."

Kam Hightower

NAU Football

I came to Steven with a seemingly unattainable goal that most people laughed at. It was a daunting path ahead, yet Steve embraced it and thrived with the challenge of preparing me not only physically, but mentally as well. I learned quickly that UAP was centered around the individual as a whole and this is what keeps bringing me back. I’ve worked with a lot of trainers at the professional level and nothing has compared to a program that is uniquely tailored to the client. I have reached many milestones during my time with Steven, one of which I have dreamt about since I was a kid. I still have one more box to check and I know who will push me to the end. "

Noah Gotsis

Colorado Rockies Organization

Richie did an amazing job helping rehab my knee after surgery and preparing me to get back on the court. He was very attentive to where I was at and where I needed to be so I could get there. He challenged me every day during the entire process. My knee was the strongest it had ever been after working with him. I am extremely grateful for his hard work."

Sarah Abney

Sacramento State Women’s Basketball

I have been very fortunate to train with Richie since I was a sophomore in high school. He has been such an instrumental part in my development and the success that I have achieved so far in my career. One thing that sets Richie apart from many is his ability to learn and evolve. He is never satisfied with where he or his athletes are at in their careers. When you are around a person like this it makes you push your limits constantly to become the absolute best version of yourself. "

Mattie Thomas

Cal State Northridge

Helix has absolutely everything an athlete wants and needs. The people at Helix are completely bought in to providing the knowledge and equipment to help any athlete perform at a high level."

Garrett Hampson

Colorado Rockies


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