Mike Kay


Complex human movement has always fascinated Dr. Mike Kay. For as long as he can remember, he studied the specific ways in which high-level performers competed. Dr. Mike received formal training at Chapman University in Physical Therapy where he earned his doctorate degree. After graduation, he continued to learn from the best until he was ready to create his own principle-based approach for elevating sports performance. During his career, he has worked with athletes at every level, including college, and professionals from MLB, NBA, NFL, PGA/LPGA, NHL, UFC, Olympic Track and Field, and others.

Dr. Mike’s treatment style is dynamic, enabling him to move from clients dealing with complicated chronic pain to a top-level athlete looking to maximize their potential. He continues to work on developing and implementing specific exercise and manual therapies to help alter complex dynamic movements.

I think it is really important to meet people where they are, be that on the table, in the gym, or on the field. Having a principle-based approach makes this very possible. Whether you’re looking for that extra 1% advantage, are in pain, feel stuck or are simply looking for guidance, just reach out. I’m happy to help.”

Richie Anderson


From a college baseball career came the desire to find a better way to improve athletic performance and resilience. Private Sector training of over 8 years and a Master’s in Science from Sacramento State University helped Richie build the largest college prep and professional athlete off-season training facilities in the Northern California region. The journey to Scottsdale came with the goal of helping more and more athletes, and Helix is where he utilizes his extensive background in exercise physiology and sports science to improve that 1% in others, and positively impact as many athletic futures as possible.

I have always desired to create a training environment that is truly player and results driven with leaders whom my children could look up to. I really believe we have designed that with HELIX. It’s good people achieving great success.”

Steven Lindquist

B.S. Kinesiology, CSCS, XPS

A lifelong pursuit to achieve optimal physical and mental development in sports led Steven to a collegiate football career. Through that Steven found a passion and love for strength and conditioning. He graduated and completed his internship at Colorado Mesa University with a B.S. in Kinesiology. He then moved home and started his own holistic training business, producing dozens of collegiate and professional athletes over the past five years. Learning from the best in the Valley, Steven continued to build a strong network which led him to his partners at HELIX. Working with athletes of all ages from all sports he has developed a passion for helping people progress in their sport and in life.

In addition to his own clients, Steven has been hired by two area high schools and a club organization as their head strength and conditioning coordinator. He has been a part of four state championships and helped 19 athletes earn scholarships and sign national letters of intent.

When you look at the elite team, and how special our facility is, then study the system we’ve built based on our unique backgrounds, we couldn’t be more excited about the future. We care about movement and how efficiently our clients can perform that movement. We look at things through a different lens and really make sure we are taking a holistic approach that is unmatched.”

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